We’re impressed so many of you are excited for a weekend of hacking in London!

Transport Tickets

We have checked and it’s not cheaper if we get group discounts for travel (e.g. for train, it’s way cheaper if you buy advance tickets NOW). Therefore everyone should buy their own tickets, whatever/however they prefer. It would still be nice to travel together, so for this we can form some groups on Facebook Messenger. The committee will be going by train, message the president to be added. Also feel free to form other chat groups, you can see everyone who clicked “Going” or “Interested” on this event.

Open Bank Hack — winning pick

Open Bank Hack has the most votes, so that’s where we’re going! However you can still go to the others since basically the only purpose of this event now is so you can form groups and meet other people interested.

Hackathon tickets

Make sure you buy your ticket before 23 Nov

That’s it

See you there!