• Where: B46/2003
  • When: 9 Oct — 6pm

Join us for our first event of the year! Here are some reasons that should make you come to our event:

Reason #1: Meet the committee

You’ll get to see our faces (again). Ok, I don’t know why this is number 1. Keep reading.

Reason #2: Learn more about Hack The South

We’re organising 1 big hackathon this year, Hack The South.

To convince you it’s worth coming, we’ll show you photos of the prizes, food, games, fun, and winning projects from last year (Hack The South — May 2018). Then we will proceed with more propaganda disguised as stories from past participants (well, 2 of our committee members).

Reason #3: Trip to a hackathon in the UK

This year we’re organising 2 trips to hackathons — one in the UK (first semester) and one in mainland Europe (second semester). At the event we’re going to announce our hackathon pick for the first semester.

Reason #4: Have a slice of pizza

Good if you’re hungry. The number of slices you get depends on how many people click Going on our Facebook event (seriously). Click that link right now, press Going, and invite your friends.

Reason #5: Three £10 quiz winners

We’ll pick 3 winners and award them a £10 Amazon gift card each. Winners must be in the room to claim the prize. There’s still time to fill in the quiz: hackasoton.com/bc.

Reason #6: Cool jobs & sponsors

Learn about our sponsors and their spring week, internships, and graduate jobs: Deutsche Bank and American Express.

tl;dr: Click GOING on Facebook!