HackaSoton is a society that certainly gives more than it takes from its members. We want to provide our members with the best Hackathon experience. To do this we attract high-profile sponsors to help us financially but also give our members the opportunity to get in to the corporate world.

We decided to charge a membership fee in exchange for some extra benefits.

₤5 – Basic member:

• Free entrance to all our events.

• Entrance to the welcome event giveaway.

• Free Switch Loyalty Card (Gives you discounted entrance and perks).

• Tons of free food, refreshments, and equipment to fuel you while you create your Start up!

To become a member, you can either pay ₤5 at our next event, or buy the membership online at the SUSU box office!  Log in with your university username and password, search for HackaSoton, and click buy!