HackSpace events offer the opportunity to create more complex projects than the ones in a regular Hackathon, but also to develop more hardware projects, something that is rare at Hackathons.

You can join us at the HackSpace events at any point in the academic year, and start a project. You can join as a team, or find others to help you there. Unlike a Hackathon, there is no time restriction. The project is complete, when your team says so. At the end of each semester, teams will show us what they’ve been up to!

You have to be a member to attend these events, find out how to become a member here!

At the HackSpaces you will find:

• Food and refreshments to keep you going

• Arduinos

• Sensor Packs for Arduinos

• LCD screens for Arduinos

• Equipment provided by our sponsors

And much more!!